Ripley, CSD

Image of Ripley, CSD & Team Mascot, Pathfinder, center of Pathfinder's branded graphic.TEAM MASCOT

Ripley, CSD, a Labrador Retriever, is a Certified Service Dog and a beloved Pathfinder Pal to Pathfinder’s team. Ripley has gone through specialized training to help her owner with various tasks, and was trained on over 85 commands that would help her live more independently. As a certified service dog, she has full public access, so she can enter public spaces, and can often be seen at outreach events alongside her team and events held in the disability community. Ripley also likes to go on adventures all throughout the state of Tennessee.

Specialties: Alerting to medical episodes and Training the public on service dog etiquette

Interests: Human Kindness, Equality for Service Dogs

Fun Facts about Ripley

Hobbies: Napping, taking hikes with my person, and long walks on the beach

Favorite Music or Song: Who let the Dogs out? by Baha Men

Favorite Human: Mimi Sanders

You can follow Ripley on all of her adventures via her Instagram page @ripley_riservicedog.