Media Kit

Dark green background image with a light green star burst on the left side of the image. Pathfinder's branded graphic is at the top right of the image and text center of image "Media Kit" At the bottom of the image on a dark blue horizontal color block is a purple button with the word "RESOURCES," an orange button with the word "IDENTITY," and a blue butoon with the word "BRANDING."

As we share our new media kit that was created through the 2022-2025 strategic planning process and further establishes our brand, we invite others to join us in increasing access to resource information through the promotion of Pathfinder. Click the link to download or print a PDF of the Pathfinder Media Kit




Read the press release to find out more about how the media kit came to be. Click the image on the left.







Click the image on the right to view the press
release in Spanish.






To download or print the Media Kit in Spanish click the image on the left.