Jennifer Padron, MS

Image of Jennifer Padron, Multicultural Services Coordinator, Pathfinder, center of Pathfinder's branded graphic.MULTICULTURAL SERVICES COORDINATOR

Jennifer Padron, MS, brings a wealth of knowledge to Pathfinder and is excited to be working with our Spanish-speaking community. Jennifer graduated from Middle Tennessee State University, MTSU with a B.S. in Child Development and Family Studies and earned an MS in Speech-Language Pathology from Tennessee State University. Prior to Pathfinder, she worked as an Early Interventionist in Developmental Therapy. In her role, she helps non-native English-speaking individuals with disabilities and their families find and access the services they need, collaborates with other organizations, and increases the awareness of Pathfinder through various outreach activities. Jennifer has a heart for serving children with developmental delays or disabilities and a deep respect for their caregivers.

Specialties: Early Intervention,  Information & Referral,  Coordinate, Evaluate and Monitor Service delivery

Interests: Early Intervention, Autism Spectrum Disorder Research, Language delays, Special Education, Behavior Analysis

Fun Facts about Jennifer

Hobbies: Reading, exercising, organizing, traveling, watching movies  

Favorite Book: We Move Together by Kelly Fritsch Anne McGuire Eduardo Trejos

Favorite Music or Song: Regional Mexican Music by Angela Aguilar, Jesse & Joy- Ella Qué Te Dio

Favorite Movie(s) or TV Show(s): Purple Hearts & Trash

“I once went to Cancun, Mexico – Playa del Carmen and got on a banana boat.”

You can reach Jennifer Padron at

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