Tennessee Disability Pathfinder long logo with Tagline Directory of Services. Community Events. Trainings/Webinars. Disability Resources.


The Pathfinder logo is shown above. There is also a stacked version. The logo may not be manipulated in size or color. Download logo below by clicking on image.

Pathfinder branded graphic with compass on top of green text "TENNESSEE DISABILITY PATHFINDER."
Patfhinder Compass Logo Stack- Color
Patfhinder Compass Logo – stack-white text








Compass to the left of green text, "TENNESSEE DISABILITY PATHFINDER
Pathfinder Compass Logo -long-color
Compass to the left of white text, "TENNESSEE DISABILITY PATHFINDER," on a shaded background
Pathfinder Compass Logo – long-white text




For additional Patfhinder branded graphics click here.


The Pathfinder Tagline Directory of Services. Community Events. Tranings/Webinars. Disability Resources. is a reinformcement to Pathfinder’s purpose and serves as a functional description of Pathfinder.

The tagline can be used directly with the logo, or used as an element in conjunction with the logo. When used as a separate element, the tagline must always work in visual harmony with and on the same page/screen as logo.


The Pathfinder URL,, should be prevalent on all print and digital communications. The first three letters “TNP” should be uppercase.


This is a joint project of the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities and Tennessee Council on Developmental Disabilities, partially funded under grant contracts with the Tennessee Departments of Health, Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, Education, Human Services/Division of Rehabilitation Services, Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services, and Transportation.

The verbiage above should be revealed on all print and digital communications. Suggested font usage is Roboto Italic set in 9-point type or larger. For larger communication pieces such as banners and posters, consider setting the font at least 18 points. The verbiage should be a minor design element, but more noticeable than the disclaimer copy.

Color Palette

The Pathfinder colors are listed with their respective web hex values. The consistent use of these colors will reinforce the identity.

When using the Pathfinder colors in conjunction with type, ensure that there is a high degree of legibility. It is always a good idea to check with ADA (Americans with Disability Act) guidelines.

Pathfinder's Branded Color Palette with web hex values.

  • green: #3a7b3c
  • dark-green: #134d13
  • light-green: #5ba48a
  • purple: #7e5ba4
  • dark-purple: #5e3681
  • blue: #0071bc
  • dark-blue: #1b2a47
  • yellow: #fed762
  • orange: #f19132
  • dark-orange: #ef6b26
  • pink: #f18585
  • red: #800000

Here are some helpful ADA compliance links:


A typography palette has been developed for communication pieces

  • Roboto [Print and Website]
  • Futura Medium [Compass logo]

Roboto was developed by Google as a free-to-download and open-sourced licensed font.
Download Roboto font here.

Roboto font samples