Carvis Russell

Image of Carvis Russel, Database/Website Coordinator, Pathfinder, center of Pathfinder's branded graphic.DATABASE & WEBSITE COORDINATOR

Carvis Russell, a native of Nashville, TN, keeps his ear to the grind on all things Nashville and has a background in website volunteer work for several organizations here in Music City. Carvis attended University of Tennessee Chattanooga, where he received his Bachelor of Arts in Communications. He started with Pathfinder in February 2020, where his volunteer experience was put to good use. In his position, Carvis organizes the department website data and makes updates to the information when needed. His work with Pathfinder, and with members of the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center technology team, has allowed him to enhance his skills, laying the groundwork for and making him an innovative program managing website coordinator.

Specialties: Website Data Analysis, Database Organization

Interests: Communications, Website Design

Fun Facts about Carvis

Hobbies: Dabbling with various aspects of communications and basketball.

“I spent a Summer in Alaska, which was an experience of a lifetime. ”

You can reach Carvis Russell at