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Pathfinder is always interested in interacting and collaborating with other programs and agencies throughout the state. If you would like for Pathfinder to present at a meeting or conference, provide flyers or materials, or collaborate with your agency, please contact Program Director, Megan Hart at

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Archived Webinars

Navigating Support for Dual Diagnosis [February 1, 2024]
Understanding and navigating the support needs of individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities and mental health concerns can be difficult. Join us for an informative webinar with presenter, Dr. Bruce Davis, DIDD Deputy Commissioner of Clinical Services.

Introducing Tennessee Tech Connect [July 20, 2023]
Join us for this webinar on the brand-new technology aspects added to our website. The webinar will include an overview of the importance of technology, how to use the new features on our website and much more.

A Guided Journey to Preparing for the Future: Charting the LifeCourse [March 30, 2023]
Charting the LifeCourse helps individuals with disabilities and their family members share their ideas, hopes, and fears for the future to determine how best to plan for it.

A Guided Journey to Preparing for the Future: Decision-Making Supports [February 23, 2023]

A Guided Journey to Housing Resources [February 2, 2023]
Finding and maintaining affordable housing can be a challenging journey for Tennesseans with disabilities. Tennessee Housing Development Agency (THDA) and Housing and Urban Development (HUD) aim to address these challenges through various programs.

A Guided Journey to Resources: Respite [May 12, 2022]
An informative training spotlighting respite care resources available to give much-needed relief from the demands of ongoing caregiving.

A Guided Journey to Resources: Mental Health Support for Youth [March 24, 2022]
An informative training on how Tennessee Department of Mental Health & Substance Abuse Services’ Healthy Transitions project aims to empower and equip young adults on their mental health journey.

A Guided Journey to Resources:  Vocational Rehabilitation Services [January 20, 2022]
An informative training on support individuals with disabilities can receive from Vocational Rehabilitation Services on their journey to employment.

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