Andrea Castillo, SSCBT

Image of LAndrea Castillo, Statewide Multicultural Service Coordinator, Pathfinder, center of Pathfinder's branded graphic.MULTICULTURAL SERVICES COORDINATOR

Andrea Castillo, SSCBT, is from Nicaragua and has lived in the United States for five years. Currently residing in Knoxville, TN, Andrea provides support for areas in East Tennessee as a Multicultural Services Coordinator. Andrea has a degree in Diplomacy and International Relations, with a Postgraduate in International Cooperation for Development. She also recently acquired her Social Service Practitioner credentials. Since 2018 she has been working with low-income families, helping them to find the assistance they need, as well as working under the Head Start Program as an advocate, where she worked with children and their families who have IEP evaluations. Now, Andrea, as a part of Pathfinder’s multicultural team, continues to work for the community, promoting our values and services.

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